Blender’s Cycles Will Be Production-Ready Sooner Than You Think

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Blender has one of the most active, enthusiastic communities of any piece of 3d software out there. There is a [...]

Meet Olive: The First Open Source Video Editor Worth Talking About

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We've talked at length about building a creative Linux workstation before. We've also discussed what viable alternatives to subscription-only Adobe [...]


Painless Linux Video Production Part 3: Organization and Workflow

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So far, you should have a working CentOS creative workstation, and know the pros and cons of building one. Maybe [...]

Painless Linux Video Production Pt. 2: Installation & Setup

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If you've read through the first post, and you're wondering how the information presented there fits together, that's what this [...]

The Definitive (and Painless) Linux Video Production Guide: Getting Started

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Let's be frank: Linux has never been a leading environment for creative work. It's just fine for render farm nodes [...]

Using a Spare Router for Wireless Bridged VM Networking

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Not everyone has direct access to a wired connection, and many networking features in libvirt assume the user does. With [...]

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