Who are you?

The Passthrough POST is an online news publication with a razor focus on virtualization and linux gaming, as well as developments in open source technology. We strive to be a knowledge base and good source of information for those that share our interests.

Where did you come from?

This site was created by members of the  VFIO Discord channel and the /r/VFIO subreddit, where we’ve been providing support to anyone who needed help setting up PCI passthrough for a very long time. As the need for high quality information became apparent, we began building this publication.

Why did you start this website?

Because we’ve been providing support with PCI passthrough for so long, we’ve noticed a lack of good information in a central repository, and people often came to us with questions we’d answered many times in the course of our participation in the community.
Often it turns out documentation for someone’s distribution of choice is very outdated and doesn’t apply anymore.
Sometimes certain hardware is known to have issues, but the fix or workaround isn’t documented clearly, if at all.

People also often come to us asking us about performance:

“How is performance compared to bare metal?”
“What storage settings are best?”
“Is it worth setting up […]? How much faster is it?”

Good answers to these questions are currently very rare, if not non-existent.
Our aim is to provide a repository of knowledge on these subjects, and more, in a clear and easy-to-understand format.