Mostly, yes. However, OS X has much stricter requirements when it comes to Guest GPUs. You want to go with a 700 Series Nvidia card or an AMD card instead of the nvidia devices listed on the chart for best compatibility

This is because all future versions of OS X will lack driver support for new nvidia cards. Kepler is the last universally supported Architecture and 700 Series cards are the only ones that universally ship with UEFI boot support. Note also that the GT 745, 750 and 750 Ti won’t work because they’re rebranded maxwell devices. On the AMD side, anything older than Hawaii (R9 290/390) Will be reset bug free, but some polaris (RX 400 and 500) cards will also work. Vega and Fiji (Fury/Vega) cards seem most susceptible to the reset bug, so avoid those if possible.