• Linus torvalds laughing at our anguish again with the kernel 5.2 release

    PSA: Issues Persist into Kernel 5.2 — Patches Landing in 5.3

    As previously reported, many users were having issues with VFIO on the 5.1 kernel series, and those issues have persisted or worsened in kernel 5.2. Users report outright crashes and VMs refusing to boot, usually accompanied by KMODE_EXPECTION_NOT_HANDLED errors. Consider [...]

  • Finding a Safe Mac OS GPU for VMs

    One of the most common questions we get is: "what gpu should I use for a Mac OS VM," and it's frankly a hard one to answer. Nvidia is essentially out of the question at this point, assuming you want [...]

  • bridgedvm networking with wireless can be very flexible

    Using a Spare Router for Wireless Bridged VM Networking

    Not everyone has direct access to a wired connection, and many networking features in libvirt assume the user does. With an old wireless router and a bit of know-how, though, you can work around the limitations of your wireless adapter. [...]

  • Patching Fedora with the AGESA 0072 Reset Fix

    HOWTO: Patch Fedora Kernel (feat. AGESA Fix)

    There are many reasons you might want to patch your kernel. You might need extra security patches. Maybe you need the ACS Override patch to use VFIO, or you have an AMD board with a broken UEFI that you can't [...]

  • Apple ID can be hard to get right on OSX VMs. For that reason We've put together a simple guide to get it working.

    Prepping OSX VM for Apple ID

    Just like any hackintosh installation, Mac OS VMs will have trouble logging into existing Apple accounts without some adjustment. If you jump the gun and attempt to log in without tweaking some things, you risk a temporary Apple ID ban. [...]


Linux Desktop Compositors — Performance and Functionality

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Desktop performance on Linux can vary with different environments, window managers, compositors, and graphics drivers. Depending on the driver and [...]

Next Up Hero Shows Promise with Interesting New Mechanics

By |February 9th, 2018|Categories: All Articles, Linux Gaming, News, Opinion, Software Reviews|Tags: , , |

  Next Up Hero is a Steam Early Access game brought to you by the talented folks at Digital Continue. [...]

Why We’re Still Recommending the GT 710 For Passthrough Hosts

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The GT 710 might seem like a strange card to choose for anything at first blush. It's a few years [...]

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Syncthing is an Un-Cloud Application That Everyone Can (and Should) Use

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In the wake of GDPR compliance and nightmare scenarios like Cambridge Analytica, there’s never been more incentive to remove services [...]

ZFS Configuration Part 2: ZVols, LZ4, ARC, and ZILs Explained

By |February 26th, 2018|Categories: All Articles, Software Reviews, Tutorials|Tags: , , , , , , , |

In our last article, we touched upon configuration and basic usage of ZFS. We showed ZFS's utility including snapshots, clones, [...]

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